Why and When to use Django

Why and When to use Django

Choosing a web development framework is a lot of hard work. Choosing right framework for your specific web application is all the more important. The decision goes a long way in making or breaking your business applications in the long run.  Frameworks provide basic services that each application needs and the choice of framework depends on multiple factors.

Django is one such framework which is free, open source, high-end framework written in the simple, flexible, and relatively easy-to-learn Python Programming Language.

Django gives basic services like authentication, administration, logging, templating, http server, web services framework  etc. out of the box, making it a rapid development framework.

Django comes with a concept called apps. These are independent modules which can be shared/ reused with any other web applications requiring similar functionality. For e.g an app could be like google maps or an activity stream etc.

When should you use Django?

Django is build to encourage rapid development and clean, practical design. Like any web application framework, it’s a toolkit of components needed when developing a web application. Its purpose is to provide a concrete foundation of the basics, allowing developers to focus on parts of their application that are unique to their project and not waste time with the fundamental boilerplate stuff.

When you’re building a highly customisable app, this makes it a good choice. You do not have to worry about reinventing the wheel.


Security is also a high priority for Django. It has one of the best out-of-the-box security system out there, and it helps developers avoid common security issues, including

  • clickjacking,

  • cross-site scripting, and

  • SQL injection.

Django promptly releases new security patches. It’s usually the first one to respond to vulnerabilities and alert other frameworks.

Why use Django for your project?

It’s fully loaded with extras and is highly scalable, so you can make applications that handle heavy traffic and large volumes of information.

  • It is cross-platform, meaning that your project can be based on Mac, Linux or Windows.

  • It works with most of the major databases.

  • It allows connection to multiple databases at the same time.  

Type of project you can develop using Django

  • Financial platform with features for analyzing and calculating approximate results based on personal data, risk tolerance, the probability of achieving goals.

  • Built-in custom CRM systems.

  • B2B CRM systems for handling communication between businesses.

  • Platforms that facilitate communication between two parties, such as a business and a customer.

  • Heavy-load, booking engines or shopping platform.

  • Real estate property evaluation systems.

  • Document management system.

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About the author - Naresh is a software programmer and an avid cricket fan.