With the development and deployment cycles becoming shorter, automating the various processes in software development cycle have to be accelerated. The DevOps movement strongly advocates automation and monitoring  at all steps of software construction, from integration, testing, releasing to deployment and  infrastructure management.

DevOps services offered:



Organisational adoption:

Move away from working in silos, we help the development and operations team work together by putting in the right tools and practices in place. Adopting DevOps practices to reduce delivery and deployment time by introducing continuous integration and deployment using tools such as Jenkins, Docker etc



Automation is a key factor in reducing the development/deployment cycle. We help our clients reduce the time to market by using the right tools for testing, continuous integration and continuous deployment.



Architectural evolution:

To be able to deliver and scale applications rapidly, applications could  be modernized the microservices way or monolithic applications could be scaled in the cloud using containerization.