Data has grown exponentially and managing this data has become a challenge for Businesses. Massive data is created for each interaction and analyzing and making sense of this data becomes prime requirement for most of the businesses. Dealing with (big) data—from acquisition over cleaning, conversion, disambiguation, de-duplication—and also developing & deploying solutions is the forte of our Data Engineering Team @ KumowizData Engineering services we offer are:


Database Design, Modelling and Architecture:

Kumowiz manages building end to end data models, database development, database migration for homogeneous / heterogeneous cloud and performance tuning as per business needs.

Big Data

Big Data deals with high volume and complex structure of information. Big data challenges include capturing data, storage, analysis, searching, sharing, transfer, visualization, querying, updating and information privacy

Kumowiz can help organizations to build and implement Big data platforms and address all of the above challenges with our Data experts. 



Business Intelligence

Insights to data using business intelligence or BI brings life to dumb data. Analytics and reports give details of behaviors and patterns which can help in predicting future business needs and take appropriate measures accordingly.

Kumowiz can help your business data warehouse design, development, data integration ,building dashboard and in the area of cloud enablement.