Companies may need to refactor or develop end-to-end products to meet their customer demands and compete better in a challenging landscape.  We help enable our customers to succeed in their digital transformation initiative and efforts. Kumowiz offers the following services:



We help organisations improve performance of legacy applications by modernizing them. Modernization of applications may mean refactoring certain components to meet current and future business needs. Such as :

  • UI refactoring.
  • Developing web services for legacy applications to enable mobility or provide web interface to legacy systems
  • Integrating newer SaaS based communication channels with legacy applications.


Cloud Native applications are built as a group of lightweight, modular microservices ready to be deployed in a Cloud environment. 

An appropriate architectural approach needs to be taken to ensure the application is easy to change, scalable and can be run using a continuous delivery model.  We help our clients to design, develop, deploy and run cloud native systems based on microservices and containers, ensuring our customers keep up their competitive edge.




Serverless Computing means using services from Cloud providers such as AWS Lambda, DynamoDB (also known as Backend-as-a-Service i.e BaaS)  to develop your software system so as to not go through the trouble of configuring and managing deployment servers/setup.



We help our customers assess their legacy application before designing an approach for migration. Migration of legacy application may need :

  • Rehosting - Hosting on-premise applications on public cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure.

  • Replatforming - Application components can be optimised for tangible benefits by use of techniques such as  Database-as-a-Service or PaaS instead of on-premise infrastructure/platform. Or use of appropriate open source technology to minimise operational costs.

  • Refactoring - Redesigning applications by taking cloud-native approaches driven by factors such as scalability, agility and high availability.